The Prizes


      Trophies, special prizes sponsored by r/c manufacturers.

      Champion: To be announced
      1st Runner-up: To be announced
      2nd Runner-up: To be announced
      Best Run: To be announced
      Team Award: To be announced (Three men team)



The Contest

    The contest will be conducted according to FAI rules for F3F slope soaring
      FAI Sport Code, Section 4, Volume F3 Radio Control Soaring Model Aircraft 2014 edition
      Each pilot is allowed to register three models for the contest. The organizer will try to run as many

      unds as possible. If more than three rounds were flown the lowest round score of each competitor wille

      discarded and the others added to obtain the final score which will determine his position in the final

      classification. If more than fourteen rounds were flown, the two lowest round scores will be discarded.

      The awards are for individuals. There will be an award for the best run and team awards.